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Toolkit for Hispanic Communities

COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative

This toolkit is designed to help organizations educate Hispanic communities about COVID-19 vaccines. Let's help people make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

Asking Questions is Okay

Let's help our communities learn the facts of the COVID-19 vaccines, so we can all return to the things we miss most about life.


Here you will find vetted fact sheets, messaging tips, digital banners, social graphics, email templates, and other useful tools to help you educate your communities. Let's help communities get back to the activities and people they love.

Faith organizations and leaders can find tailored materials for their parishioners and networks in our Hispanic Faith communities toolkits.

View our Faith toolkit
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Core Insights

Learn more about our research insights, including the primary causes of concern within Hispanic communities.

Messaging should lead with empathy and acknowledge that a desire to learn more and asking questions is okay. Hispanic audiences want to know the vaccines are safe – and that the benefits outweigh the risks.

We are hosting virtual townhalls and online community-led gatherings to answer questions and help build confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines.