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Hispanic Community Education Toolkit

Create the Right Message

What we say—and how we say it—matters.

The Ad Council and COVID Collaborative are excited to offer audience insights and messaging guidance for Hispanic audiences to help you build vaccine confidence in your community.

How to Use This Toolkit

If you are creating your own creative campaign, you can review the latest audience insights and adapt our Hispanic Audience messaging guidelines to create the most effective campaign for your community.

If you are looking for existing assets to use in your campaign, check out our shareable videos, social graphics, email templates, and PSAS. All assets are free for use.

If you're looking to develop a campaign specific to the Hispanic Faith community, check out our Hispanic Faith toolkit.

Hispanics who have concerns about getting vaccinated report that it’s primarily due to a lack of confidence in the information they’ve received about COVID-19 vaccines. Like other Americans, they are also concerned about the vaccines’ safety, side effects, and development speed.

These documents provide do's and don'ts, topics that resonate, and information on trusted messengers for the Hispanic community.

Leverage peer-to-peer communication.

Rely only on celebrities to convey your message.

Compared to others, Hispanics are more receptive to messages from voices within their inner circle such as neighbors, family and influencers they follow on social media.

They can be useful when they are paired with health experts and amplified with peer-to-peer support.

Use doctors as trusted messengers.

Solely rely on health agencies and institutions to carry your message.

Our research shows that the overwhelming majority of Hispanics who have low confidence are more likely to get vaccinated if they get a strong recommendation from their doctor.

Institutions like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention carry credibility, but it may be better to feature individual experts rather than institutions.

Communicate with clarity.

Do not use terms like "Operation Warp Speed" or "Emergency Use Authorization."

Present information in a clear and honest way with plain language.

Discourage asking questions or seeking more information.

Lead with empathy. Respect people's concerns and acknowledge that it's okay to have questions.

It's one of the biggest reasons for low confidence: Many Hispanics don't feel they have enough information.

Not sure how to best answer your community members questions? Prepare yourself with talking points from our Frequently Asked Question resources, vetted by the CDC.

Many Hispanics have lingering concerns and questions about COVID-19 vaccines. Messaging should lead with empathy and acknowledge that it’s okay to have questions.

More answers to the most pressing COVID-19 vaccine questions can be found at

If you want to download our videos directly from leading public health experts and healthcare providers, visit


Download our Hispanic Audience Fact Sheet which includes demographic skews, trusted messengers, and key messaging takeaways.