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Toolkit for Hispanic Communities

Shareable Resources

There's no need to reinvent the wheel.

Use our graphics, videos, customizable assets, and more to build vaccine confidence within the Hispanic community.

All assets are available for use free of charge.


Download pre-made social and customizable graphics to share on your organizations' social media pages, websites, and e-blasts.

Social: Image Cost 1x1

Infografía 5 Cosas Que Necesita Saber: Comunidades Hispanas

Handout Card: Hispanic Communities [ES]

Gráfica de Correo Electrónico: Comunidades Hispanas

Infographic 5 Things to Know: Hispanic Communities

Handout Card: Hispanic Communities

Email Graphic: Hispanic Communities

Banner: Preguntas y Respuestas 320x50

Social: Preguntas Animadas 1x1

Social: Imagen DTD 1x1 Personalizable

Social: DTD 1x1 Personalizable

Social: Imagen Preguntas 9x16